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ESP Inc. repairs, refits, or provides new equipment required to keep paper production systems viable. Quick availability of spare parts is especially critical for paper mills as ensures systems availability and reduces downtime. ESP Inc. provides a low cost alternative to original (O.E.M.) parts as our technicians, machinists, and engineers have extensive experience and expertise in reverse engineering and manufacturing of parts, regardless of manufacturer. We have the capacity to rebuild, retrofit, or manufacture stock prep spare parts quickly and for far less than you would otherwise pay for new parts. Our services provide a manageable method to rehabilitate equipment while enhancing the return on the mill's material investments.

ESP Inc provides cost effective alternatives to O.E.M. parts including:

  • Stator and Rotor
  • Extraction Plate
  • Rotor and Rotor Caps
  • Segmented Defibering Ring
  • Pulper Vanes